7 Things Your First Car Teaches You

We all remember our first car and likely have fond memories in it. But your car also forces you to learn more about yourself and the world in the process. See what our employees think are the top 7 things you learn when you get your first car.

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  1. Independence on the road – Now that you have your very own set of wheels, the horizon is the limit. You earn boundless freedom knowing you can take yourself practically anywhere you want to go. It’s an exhilarating feeling that can last a lifetime with the right vehicle. Take a road trip and enjoy it!
  2. It all comes down to you – This car is yours and so is all the maintenance that goes along with it. When the oil needs to be changed, it’s up to you to bring it to the service center. When the car gets cluttered or dirty, it’s up to you to clean it up. It might seem like chores at first, but over time you develop an appreciation for your car and want to take better care of it in every way you can. Check out our amazing tools and accessories to keep your vehicle sparkling and in top shape.
  3. You’re more self-less than you thought – When you have a car, people start to rely on you for rides or for help moving across town and most of the time you’re going to say yes. Your friends know they can rely on you and you’ll build relationships in unexpected new ways. While sometimes it’s hard work, you usually don’t mind.
  4. Money management – Bills seem to become inevitable as you get older, your first car is a big part of that learning process. There’s financial responsibility needed every step of the way with your car. Financing or leasing your vehicle takes planning, you’ll need to get insurance, and even your gas usage needs to be managed so you don’t end up running on empty before your next paycheck. Use our payment calculator to make sure you’re on track with your finances before you take the plunge.
  5. Surprises happen – Even when you do everything right, you’re going to get unforeseen bills with a car. You can’t control the potholes in the road or the actions of others, but you’re going to have to be prepared to deal with them anyway. We suggest putting away a little extra every month to help you deal with surprises and emergencies. Should anything happen to your car, we advise you to bring it to a Garber service center to get the best care as soon as possible.
  6. You’re in charge – Driving with others in the car is a whole new brand of responsibility because their lives are in your hands. It’s up to you to enforce seat belts; it’s up to you to know how to change a flat on the side of the road; you’re the one to fill up the gas tank. You become a leader, whether you mean to or not and that’s pretty exciting.
  7. That pile of metal actually means something to you – After spending enough time and money on your vehicle, you start to see it as a reflection of yourself. It’s the setting of many treasured memories; it’s what you spend your free time maintaining; it becomes a big part of your life. You get out of it what you put into it, so if you treat your car well, it will do the same to you.

Your first car means a whole new level of responsibility and excitement. Make sure you’re keeping it in the best shape with regular maintenance and upkeep. Have questions? Talk to our team today to make sure you’re doing everything you can to take care of your first car.

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