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Services you need with payments you can afford

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Flexible monthly payments for parts, service bills, and much more - at Garber Buick in Saginaw!

Services you need with payments you can afford

Let’s be honest: The cost of car repairs can fall outside of our comfort zone. Sometimes, we face a bigger bill than expected.

But no worries. You no longer have to choose between what you NEED and what you can AFFORD. Thanks to Sunbit Financing, you can break up the cost of your automotive needs into monthly payments…so the repair work is doable for your vehicle AND manageable for your wallet.

Monthly payments don’t have to be for necessary repairs, either. So if you want to get your vehicle detailed, but don’t want to pay it all in one lump sum…Sunbit Financing has got you covered.  

Save now. Pay later. And it’s all at the click of a button.

New Tires

Full Vehicle Detail

Ceramic Coating

Extended Service Contracts

Brakes & Rotors



Body Shop Repairs

& Much More

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